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Tallow and Skin Care

Dande Natural Tallow Balm

The use of tallow in skin care products has become all the rage lately in circles

that promote a more natural and simple lifestyle and shift away from products

latent with toxins. However, people have been using tallow for skin care for


So what is tallow? It is fat rendered from animals. In our products we use grass-

fed beef tallow from Essential Depot @essentialdepot. Tallow is similar to lard

which comes from pigs. It can be melted into liquid and has the same consistency as butter when at room temperature. It can be used to cook in place of olive oil or butter. Its high smoke point makes it great for frying. Fast food restaurants used tallow for frying before all the cheaper, and unhealthy, seed oils were discovered. Tallow has many other uses. It works as a biofuel and firearm lubricant. It is also used to make soap, candles, and skincare products.

Understandably, the thought of rubbing animal fat on your skin may not be appealing to some. However, tallow has reparative nutrients and substances that benefit aging skin, leaving it looking soft and youthful. The fatty acids in tallow are compatible with our natural oils that soothe and hydrate skin. Skin seems to recognize it immediately upon application.

The antioxidants in tallow keep the skin healthy and strong by repairing damage, preventing further damage, increasing flexibility, and supporting the skin’s protective barrier. Additionally, tallow's antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help prevent acne and breakouts.

I can’t say enough about why tallow is so wonderful in beauty products. Many articles write extensively about it if you wish to learn more and I encourage you to do so.

We are excited to launch our Lavender and Honey Tallow Balm. We use local, pure raw honey from HAPA honey farm in Fullerton (follow @hapahoneyfarm on Instagram). We are working on other blends we hope to release soon.


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