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The Dande Team

We are a company that was born from the combined passions of a mother and a daughter.

Founder | Landa

Our Founder

Landa is the founder of Dande Natural and is responsible for creating the company's products and writing the blogs. She discovered her passion for natural products while experimenting with DIY projects as a hobby. Landa became determined to develop safe and effective alternatives for others after learning about all the harmful chemicals and toxins in just about everything we use daily.

Landa worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years as a medical transcriptionist in the specialties of radiology, cardiology, psychology, and orthopedics. She attended nursing school, where she was top of her class and loved patient care. However, during her medical/surgical rotation, the long list of medications prescribed to patients disgusted her, and she resented the fact nurses were responsible for dispensing them

and knowing their contraindications. Realizing nursing was less about patient care, and more about being the middleman for big Pharma, she dropped out and returned to medical transcription. Her nurse training and transcription experience equipped her to later transition to being a medical record reviewer for physicians serving as professional witnesses in legal cases.

A strong supporter of our Second Amendment and gun enthusiast, she left the healthcare industry to work for a short time in an administrative position at a defensive firearm training facility where she became a certified NRA pistol instructor. She left that job, which she loved, to pursue Dande Natural full-time as it grew.

She is happily married and has raised two beautiful children in Newport Beach, CA, where she still currently lives and loves! She homeschooled her children when they were young and highly recommends it to all parents if it is financially possible.

She enjoys working in her garden, getting her hands dirty, and connecting with nature. A bad back has made her a former surfer, but she and her husband enjoy boating, sailing, and standup paddle boarding. A lifetime lover of the ocean, she aspires to reduce the use of plastics that all too often end up in our ocean by choosing eco-friendly packaging in Dande Naturals products.

Design & Marketing | Sydney

Marketing & Design Manager

Sydney is the Marketing & Design Manager at Dande Natural. She takes pride in designing our logos, labels, merch, social media posts, and website. 

Sydney's mom, Landa, homeschooled her and her younger sister, which she now considers the best years of her life. She reflects on those times fondly, saying that "nothing can replace" the experience of learning together with her family.

For Sydney, the best part of homeschooling was the flexibility it offered. She was able to work at her own pace, spending more time on subjects that interested her and moving quickly through those that didn't. She also appreciated the fact that she could spend more time with her family,

building strong bonds with her parents and sister that have lasted to this day. Homeschooling requires a lot of dedication and hard work, both from the student and their parents. However, for those who are willing to put in the effort, it can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Now, Sydney is a multi-talented individual who is working towards her dream of becoming an interior designer. In addition to this, she is also a commissioned realistic sketch artist. All while doing marketing work for Dande Natural and other companies.

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